Adding Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to Wix

Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI)  for your website is like having a secret weapon for lead generation. 

Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) for your website is like having a secret weapon for lead generation. 

It's all about customizing your content to match what people are searching for. That way, you grab their attention and get more clicks, which means more people coming to your site.

Gotta love that! 

To implement dynamic keyword insertion into a WIX website we need to follow some fairly easy instructions to make the magic happen. 

We have stepped this out below so that you can follow the process in detail. Once we set it up, we then show you how combining this with SpeedPPC will drive more profitable traffic and conversions. 

We will assume that you have a paid subscription to Wix and therefore all of the features we show you will be available to you. To make this more realistic, we have set up our own page on Wix.

By the end of this post you will possess a lot of new skills to turn your DKI game on its head:

  • Very simply creating unlimited personalized pages
  • You will have unlimited tokens to create these pages 
  • Learn some sweet case related tricks and time savers
  • Pre-populate forms with personalized information
  • The code remembers personalisation using cookies
  • And most importantly, all of this is free. 

Adding Your DKI Code To Wix

The first step is to add our unique dynamic keyword insertion code to Wix.

Once you have created your site, head into SELECT AND EDIT SITE.

Now we find SETTINGS on the left hand side. 

From here you need to be able to access CUSTOM CODE. 

Once you get into this section you need to look for the HEAD section. 

In the <HEAD> , add this code and hit apply:

<script src="https://cdn.speedppc.com/dki.min.js"></script>

There is a second version that you can also use here as well. Most people can just use the dki.js as provided above. However, if you have some sort of animation on your text and it's not loading, try this alternative:

<script src="https://cdn.speedppc.com/dki-alt.js"></script>

You can then populate the fields so you might name it DKI and you can then choose if you want to load it onto one page or all pages. For our example we will just paste it into one page and also select HEAD. 

You can toggle to the right and change the CODE TYPE here as well. For our example, we will leave it on ESSENTIAL as ours relates to the page loading, rather than cookies, ads, tracking or marketing. 

There is an extra step we need to mention here.

We know that when you use DKI it automatically inserts your fields into the page. The script adds some light protection, but it also supports the use of DOMPurify as well to offer an extra layer of protection to make sure that things are not inserted that shouldn't be, particularly malicious code.

So you you want that double protection, you will want to add this code with the SpeedPPC DKI code:

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/dompurify/3.0.3/purify.min.js" integrity="sha512-TBmnYz6kBCpcGbD55K7f4LZ+ykn3owqujFnUiTSHEto6hMA7aV4W7VDPvlqDjQImvZMKxoR0dNY5inyhxfZbmA==" crossorigin="anonymous" referrerpolicy="no-referrer"></script>

That is now locked and loaded.

From here we need to go back to our main site on the left hand side SITE & APP section and then EDIT SITE. 

Adding Tokens to the page for dynamic keyword insertion replacement

Just a note on conventions here - we can see double brackets for the name and the fallback appears after the colon. You can also modify the case by changing the case of your actual value that you are replacing.

[[Headline: Fallback]] = Sentence case

[[headline: Fallback]] = lowercase

[[HeaDline: Fallback]] = Title Case

[[HEADLINE: Fallback]] = ALLCAPS

This is where it gets fun. From here, you need to PUBLISH your site in the top right corner.

How to change the text on the page

Once your site is published, you can start working your DKI magic. In this example we are using the HeaDline format. I am going to change the landing page name to Royal Pine.

To do this, just go to your address and add in: ?headline=Royal Pine and that will change your headline to Royal Pine. 

For example:

https://yoursite.com/?headline=Royal Pine

So you can switch out the headline for anything. Just make sure that the headline and the token name are the same. So you might use [[Service: General Services]] token on the page and then you would then use the following in your URL.


Remembering the personalisation

Just another helpful feature if you want to remove your cookies or set your cookies for a certain time period. If you want to remove your cookie, add the following to your URL: &dkicookie=0

If you want to set your cookie for a certain amount of time, for example 7 days, you can add the following to the end of your URL: dkicookie=7

Populating Forms

If you want to populate the form on your page, you can easily do this.

To do this, you just need to right click on the element and go to inspect. Once the code is visible on the right hand side you can then find out the element name.

If you want to change the first name in our example,  you can simply add: &first-name= Julie. This will add Julie into the first name field.

You can do the same for other fields such as last name and email as long as you separate each one with the & sign.

There are a heap of other cool features for the SpeedPPC DKI. If you want to learn all the features, take a look at the full walk through go to the community post here.

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How it works with SpeedPPC

So now we are going to switch over to SpeedPPC to show you how you can see how the campaign pushed the keyword list into the landing pages. 

For the purpose of this post we will set up a new campaign which we will call apartment sales and then we will save it.

Now to find some keywords you'll use. Let’s head down into the saved keyword sets and use Australian cities to keep this simple. 

Next add some of our seed keywords so we can see how SpeedPPC pumps out the DKI magic.

In the URL we will enter: wix.pagezap.com?headline={seed:Amazing}{expansion1:apartments}

Now if you follow through our SpeedPPC Campaign Builder as usual and add in your ad text and descriptions, your final output will be totally specific to your users search query and suburb. You have just saved yourself SO much time and effort and you have created beautifully targeted ads.

BY using SpeedPPC you can dynamically pass your keywords into the URL, so for every keyword it will generate a personalised landing page or relevant ad group. 

In our example, there will now be a unique landing page for every Australian city. This will totally increase your PPC conversion rates, relevancy , click-through rate (CTR) and quality score. 

For a full demonstration of how to build a SpeedPPC campaign, watch this video


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